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Yuda Pilatory Finest Edition

Yuda Pilatory Finest Edition has the functions of accelerating blood circulation on scalp,enhancing the massiness of hair follicles and roots,swelling hair roots, promoting melanin synthesis,mending hair quality,Yuda Pilatory (Strong Version) could also help you with the following ways, such as increasing hair elasticity,speeding up the hair growth and cleaning deposit dirty on sebum of pore thoroughly.Yuda Pilatory is effective to all kinds of hair-loss, alopecia areata and alopecia totalis. It is the most effectual herbal hair growth product.

Yuda Pilatory Finest Edition, adopting Ginseng extract, angelica extract,Polygonum multiflorum extract,is processed by high-tech biological project SFE through extracting active ingredient in effect among those herbs.This product has its unique and precise prescription,dainty raw material and perfect craftwork. That not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials.It has great effect on seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata,hybrid alopecia, postpartum alopecia and Chemical alopecia
【main ingredients】Ginseng extract, angelica extract, Polygonum multiflorum extract
【usage and dosage】two times a day( morning and evening),spray 1ml in one time(spray 5-6 times)
Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition.
【function】Anti-hair loss,hair-regrowth
        1.This product is external use spray,can not be eaten.
        2.this product can only be used on scalp
【sheft life】36months
【approval code】WZTZ[2007]no.0353
【production license code】YWXZZ[2002] no. 0068
【Record warrant Code】YWXBZ[2004] no.0008
【Standard Employed】(GB15979-2002)
【manufacture】Kunming Runyantang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
【address】No. 1406, Haiyuanzhuang, Xinshan District, Kungming, China
product advantageTo cure hair loss, alopecia seborrheica or pelade, pls use Yuda Pilatory.

Kunming Runyantang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd   address: No. 1406, Haiyuanzhuang, Xinshan District, Kungming, China